U-Share funded collaboration projects

In total, four projects have so far been granted funding in U-Share’s calls for applications for collaboration projects. The projects have a PI at either SLU or UU, and a postdoctoral researcher with a PhD from the other university.

The two most recent projects that have been funded are:

“AI tools to predict risk of common diseases using genetic data”, led by Åsa Johanssson and with Hadrien Gourlé as postdoc.

“A solution for spinal injury: A biomaterial that stabilises injured vertebra and stimulates new bone growth”, with Odd Höglund as PI and Michael Pujari-Palmer as postdoc.

U-Share-funded collaboration projects 2019

In the 2019 call for applications for collaboration projects, two projects were granted funding:

At SLU:  "Targeting mast cells and carboxypeptidase A in asthma", with Sara Wernersson as PI and Srinivas Akula as postdoc.

At UU: "Antimicrobial resistant bacteria linking animal and human health: determination of the risks along the pork value chain in Vietnam", with Johanna Lindahl as PI and Gunilla Ström Hallenberg as postdoc.

Last modified: 2021-03-18