Conversational turns make the difference

Ulrika Löfkvist

I’m an associate professor in public health focusing on disability, at the Department of Public Health and Caring Sciences, Uppsala University & APC research unit, Primary Care, Region Uppsala. I have worked at the University of Oslo, and as Speech Language Pathologist at the Cochlear Implant Section, Karolinska University Hospital.

My current research aims to explore factors that explain the large variation in linguistic and communicative outcome in individuals who are hard-of-hearing. I also validate instruments like the LENA method, and develop new intervention options.

My Soapbox Science talk

I will speak about the importance of conversational turns for children’s early language development. The main focus will be on how to measure verbal turn-takings in natural everyday settings with a wearable digital technology called Language Environment Analysis (LENA), a pedometer for words.

Photo of Ulrika Löfkvist
Last modified: 2022-05-24