Healthcare in the digital era: reaching patients through e-health interventions

Ella Thiblin

I’m a licensed psychologist and PhD student at the Department of Women’s and Children’s health at Uppsala University. I recently got my first scientific article published, a methods paper investigating the effect of personalised versus non-personalised invitations letters on recruitment rates in a clinical trial.

Before my PhD studies, I mainly worked with cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) for adults with depression and anxiety disorders. My research interests include psychological treatments as well as methodological questions in clinical research.

My Soapbox Science talk

The use of digital tools is becoming more common in the health care sector, and has the potential to increase availability as well as patient involvement. Digital health care solutions are often referred to as e-health, and it is a broad field that can include everything from digital booking systems to psychotherapy.

In my research, my colleagues and I evaluate an internet-administered support program for parents of children treated from cancer. Based on that, I will talk about challenges and opportunities with using the internet as a platform in healthcare.

Twitter: @EllaTh6

Photo Ella Thiblin
Last modified: 2022-05-24