What cannot be seen … but exist! from microorganism to molecules and atoms!

Catia Moreira

I'm a biochemist that received my Bachelor (2009) and Master (2011) degrees in Biochemistry from University of Porto, Portugal. During my first years as a researcher, I worked in microbiology at University of Porto, Plymouth Marine Laboratory and Fundación Medina. During this time, I was able to observe and study interesting bacteria with peculiar characteristics for better understanding how evolution of cells took place.  

A year before engaging my PhD studies, I shifted towards the field of computational biochemistry. I now hold a PhD in Sustainable Chemistry. I'm currently a postdoctoral fellow at Uppsala University with Professor Lynn Kamerlin. For almost a decade I have been using computers and physics to study the chemistry of life. I have a particular focus on studying the life engines, enzymes, in order to better understand how they perform so well and how can we manipulate them to perform functions that we desire (or in some cases, prevent them to work properly). However, my expertise is not only on enzymes but in all sorts of macromolecules.

My Soapbox Science talk

The idea of my talk is to use my knowledge of microbiology and computational biochemistry to explain the part of life that we cannot see.

I will explain things that we have difficulty to see but that can be observed by a microscope and often their presence can be seen or felt by us! I will describe what is a cell and a little bit about microorganism, exploring some of their interesting features and mentioning several examples of microorganism that impact our daily life!

Then, I will zoom in even more and look at molecules that are important for life! Explain concepts like proteins, DNA and lipids, what their possible roles are and how can we scientist study them… I will also talk about how computational/theoretical biochemistry can help understand these molecules by zooming in even more and describe how atoms interact and create life and how physics helps us simulate them.

Twitter: @CatiaDSMoreira

Photo Catia Moreira
Last modified: 2022-05-24