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In connection with the call for applications for collaboration projects, we post here information about what PI:s and potential postdocs are looking for regarding research interests, technology expertise, scientific experience etc.

PI:s looking for a post doc

Niche- and organ-specific functions of the lymph node lymphatic endothelium – Pentraxin 3 lymphatic endothelial cells in coordination of the LN immune response
We have recently identified five distinct sub-groups of lymph node (LN) lymphatic endothelial cells (LECs), that are conserved between mouse and man and that forms distinct niches within the tissue. One of these is the PTX3-LECs that occupy the LN paracortex and the medulla. This project addresses the role of PTX3-LECs, in LN immune homeostasis, in response to immune challenge and stromal remodeling induced by experimental tumor growth or in infection.
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The ideal candidate must have knowledge and experience in:

  • Confocal imaging and image analysis Fiji
  • Mouse models and techniques

and in addition have knowledge and experimental experience in at least two of the following:

  • Mouse immunology
  • Vascular biology (in vivo)
  • Extracellular matrix research (in vivo)
  • Genetically targeted inducible (CreERT2) mouse models
  • Tumor or infection models in mice

Please contact the PI Maria Ulvmar if you are interested in developing the project together,

Treating cancer by targeting loss of heterozygosity
We have discovered a new class of anti-cancer drugs that target loss of heterozygosity (LOH) in tumour genomes (Rendo et al, Nature Communications, 2020). Several such drug targets are in various stages of development in our group, ranging from target discovery, assay establishment, drug screening and validation in animal as well as human cell systems.

The candidate should have experience in:

  • Cell model systems
  • Experimental therapy of animal models
  • And/or genome bioinformatics for target discovery

Please contact the PI Tobias Sjöblom if you are interested in the project,

Novel anti-cancer drugs from bacteria
In a collaborative project with the Department of Medicinal Pharmacy at UU, we are investigating how the synthesis of natural products in bacteria can be re-programmed to yield novel anti-cancer drugs.

The candidate should have experience in:

  • Analytical and preparative purification
  • Analysis of natural products and/or genome editing of bacterial genomes

Please contact the PI Tobias Sjöblom if you are interested in the project,

Analysis of 1000 colorectal cancer cases
We are currently sequencing the genomes and transcriptomes of 1000 colorectal cancer cases from U-CAN ( This dataset, along with detailed clinical data and proteomic and metabolomics analyses of blood samples from the same patients, will be analysed for several different aspects of cancer genetics, tumour biology and biomarker discovery.

The candidate should have:

  • Solid experience in bioinformatics

Please contact the PI Tobias Sjöblom if you are interested in the project,