Sign up as a speaker at Soapbox Science 2022

On 21 May, 2022, U-Share will arrange a Soapbox Science event. We encourage women researchers at SLU and UU to sign up as speakers.

The main aim of Soapbox Science is to bring cutting edge science to the public, in an accessible, fun and unintimidating way. Unlike other science events, at Soapbox Science the people you speak to will not have necessarily planned to come and learn about science, which can inspire people who never normally get exposed to science, especially young people.

Stand on a wooden box and talk for one hour
A Soapbox Science event runs for three hours and each hour will host four speakers, who stand on (or next to) their boxes for the whole hour, simultaneously, and interact with the public. One hour might seem like a very long time but previous experience shows that the format works and often speakers have to be hoisted off their boxes to let the next lot on.

The recommendation is to prepare around 10–15 minutes worth of material, which can then be repeated. However, you might also need to add new stuff in to retain any long-lasting listeners! It is possible to use various props that can visualise your work, and be prepared to answer questions and discuss with the audience.
More information can be found via the FAQ page.

Requirements to be a speaker
The other aim of Soapbox Science is the promotion and support of women. Therefore, the main requirement is that the speakers should be women. They should also be active in a STEMM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Medicine) area. Apart from this, researchers at all levels – PhD students, post docs, lecturers, professors – all qualify as speakers. The presentations can be held in Swedish or English.

Speaker training
If you are selected as a speaker you will get support from the local organising team e.g. speaker training sessions. The dates for the sessions will be announced in due course and before the deadline of the speaker call.
At the event there will also be volunteers present to assist the speakers during their talks.

For any questions you might have, you’re welcome to contact Kerstin Henriksson

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Apply to be a speaker (deadline is 28 February, 2022)


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