U-Share acts to facilitate and increase the exchange of undergraduate and postgraduate students between the universities.

Students at both undergraduate and postgraduate level can attend courses at both universities. Collaboration between the universities also includes jointly arranged courses, and teachers from one university that teach in courses at the other.

Undergraduate courses and degree projects

There are many courses both at basic and advanced level that can be taken by students at the “other” university. In addition, degree projects are also offered to students from both universities.


We have listed a range of courses and projects that might be of interest. The aim of these lists is to facilitate finding such courses and projects but the possibility to study at the “other” university is not limited to the ones listed here.

In addition, there are programmes both at the basic and advanced level that are arranged in collaboration between the universities.

Courses at SLU

Courses at UU

Degree projects at UU

Available degree projects at UU can be found at the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy and at the Biology Education Centre.

General information about degree projects is presented at the Disciplinary Domain of Science and Technology

Degree projects at SLU

Available projects are listed by the respective departments:

General information can be found at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science. Some projects are also announced at the SLU Career Portal.