Infrastructure for experimental research on large animals

One of U-Share’s aims is to develop a joint infrastructure for experimental research on large animals. In October 2018, the Swedish Research Council decided that the area Infrastructure for experimental research on large animals will be able to apply for funding in next year’s call for applications.

In 2017, U-Share was involved in submitting a proposal in the Swedish Research Council’s inventory of need for research infrastructure. The proposal was prioritised as A1 in the inventory and the Research Council has now decided that all areas in this category will be included in the call for applications, which opens on 19 January, 2019.

Photos: Lotta Lantz

The proposed infrastructure involves creating a new state-of-the-art platform for research on large animals by upgrading, expanding and coordinating existing animal facilities. The aim is to provide possibilities to develop and validate models in large animal species, and to facilitate the use of these models nationwide. It will also be able to offer access to animals with spontaneously developed diseases of interest. The main node is intended to be in Uppsala, with facilities at other sites integrated in the infrastructure organisation.

Several universities and governmental agencies besides SLU and UU are involved in planning the infrastructure and at U-Share work is in progress to assemble the consortium that will write and submit the application.

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