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Comparative genetics of immunological diseases towards functional genomics

The project focuses on comparative genetics in dogs and humans, with the aim to identify genetic alterations behind autoimmune hypothyroidism and Addison’s disease. The work is performed in close collaboration between veterinarians, geneticists, molecular biologists and human medical doctors.


Mammary gland tumorigenesis

The project aims to clarify the background for different types of breast tumours. Methods such as morphology analyses, immunocytochemistry and microarray techniques will be used to study both mammary tumours from dogs and cell lines.


Genetics of performance traits in horses

The myostatin gene has been associated with racing performance in horses. This project investigates the role of mutations in the myostatin gene on the athletic performance of different horse breeds.


Ethology-based experimental studies of animal behaviour

Behavior profiles in laboratory animals will be obtained using the recently established model Multivariate concentric square field test. The results will contribute to improving experimental models in behaviour neuropharmacology research.

Additional projects at UU

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Additional projects at SLU

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